Naturally people would like to preserve their memories about the most important events in their life, such as their wedding or the birth of a child. These events are worth recording somewhere as with the time the memory becomes weaker and details can be lost forever. A professional wedding photographer can help you portray all the wedding details the best way, taking photos of the highest quality, with no blurry images. Wedding photos and videos must be beautiful as in the movie, but there is just one take. This is what makes professional videos different from those made by amateurs. You get married once but a professional photographer works at the weddings almost every day so he knows how to make the most beautiful photos. However you should not forget that this is your wedding and it is you who should set the rules. Your wedding must be unique and wedding photos will help make the most important event in your life truly memorable. In addition, consider adding a GoProCamera video to make your event brighter. If you still decide to use an ordinary video camera, make sure you pay attention to the latest models and read their reviews. Of course, photos are the best at depicting reality so make sure you think about how to get dressed for a photo. Neat fancy clothing and on-screen makeup will help you look good on the photo. Also you should not try to get the most striking photo neglecting your own safety. In the Internet you can find many videos where people died or got injured while trying to make risky selfies. When the wedding is over and your guests leave you will have great many pictures that can be stored on your hard disk or used to decorate your home. For example, you can make a photo collage or purchase electronic photo frames. A mounted video will be great for making the festive atmosphere last for years.